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Setting off on the right foot.


The company Orthopädie Kall GmbH has been producing orthotic insole blanks since 1985 and is considered a leader on the German market.

Steady growth, flexibility and the constant development of new models have made the company what it is today. In the meantime, nearly 80 employees produce over 750,000 pairs of orthotic insole blanks at our 9,500 m² production site.

Satisfied customers regularly attest to the perfect fit and quality of our products. Thanks to customer service throughout Germany, Orthopädie Kall GmbH is able to provide on-site support, introduce new products and individually serve its customers.

Our company history


The development of Orthopädie Kall GmbH from 1985 to the present day.

since 2008


The story of Orthopädie Kall GmbH begins when the two current managing directors decided to become self-employed. Hans Bernd Kall and Marion Haase along with three employees move into a 90 m2 basement room as the company “Hans Bernd Kall”, thus laying the foundation for today’s company. While at first only active in the region, the customer base continues to growth thanks to recommendations from our satisfied customers.


Soon the need for production space is so great that it becomes necessary to move to a larger facility. A new site is found in Remscheid. At the site located at Taubenstrasse, 750 m2 of space are now available.

Thanks to having its own sales force and good collaboration with select leather dealers, the number of employees at this site climbs to over 20.


Soon the new building also becomes too small. Luckily the new hall can be expanded to 3,000 m2 relatively easily. With newly developed models and the development of customer-specific blanks, the success story continues. Because of constant growth, other business decisions must of course be made. Among other things, the legal form is changed to a GmbH (limited liability company).


2008 to the present day

In 2008 we took a major step towards a successful future by moving into today’s corporate building. At our site in Großhülsberg, around 80 employees currently produce over 750,000 pairs of orthotic insole blanks per year. The production site is 9,500 m2 and can be expanded to 19,000 m2 in the future.


In addition to various production halls, there is also the possibility to establish a large warehouse in order to supply customers as quickly as possible. A large coffee house-style cafeteria has been established near the new offices where seminars and continuing education workshops can also be held in the future.